How much does it cost to hire Burger Bus?

This all depends on when your event is, where it is, how many people you would like served, and what menu you want, from basic to full – please make sure to include all of these details when enquiring.

Can I choose the menu or is it a set menu?

You choose the menu, from as simple as just beef and veggy all the way to a 5 patty menu – we can also do a themed burger if you have a specific request.

Do you do any extras or pudding?

We can do fries, side salads, and puddings – make sure to ask when enquiring.

How long does it take you to serve 100 guests?

Depending on the menu size you choose, anything between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

I have guests with gluten/dairy/other intolerance – can they be accommodated?

We can cater for any intolerance, as long as we are notified in advance. This includes all diets, intolerances and allergies.

How do I book Burger Bus for my event?